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The Future of StartUp companies in India

With high level of stress in work atmosphere combined with a discontented but highly talented young generation living in a digital era, it has started raining Startup companies in India. Startup gives an opportunity for youngsters to showcase their talent and be recognised and make a mark based on their own abilities. Every expert (even in movies) these days keeps suggesting to “follow your passion”, “follow your heart” etc etc. We find that youngsters quit their high profile and highly paid jobs and invest their hard earned money and in addition also take loans from investors and banks to invest in their Start-up company.

What is the research and data they depend on before starting a business? What are the chances of Success in the field chosen by them? Where do they stand if the Business fails? Have they taken all these into consideration or are they aware of any of these negative possibilities?

We, being in the field of Business analysis, consultation and providing solutions to clients were a little worried and decided to check the status of Startup companies of past few years. We analysed the past few years’ Startup companies in India and have found that most of them have shut-down their businesses and moved out. Many articles have also appeared on top websites like timesofindia, yourstory, entrepreneur etc., in relation to start-ups and businesses. They list out the top 10 or top 8 or top 17 Startup companies to watch out for. Having observed that most Start-Ups’ shut down within a few years, we did an analysis of the top 17 start-ups’ to watch out for in 2017 and the results are baffling.

2 Start-Ups’ - No use continuing now

1 Start-Ups’ - Will shut-down shortly

7 Start-Ups’ - Will grow for some time and stop

4 Start-Ups’ - Will go on slowly

2 Start-Ups’ - Normal Growth 10% – 15% on yearly Basis

1 Start-Ups’ – Some Growth seen in minor % age in next 5 years

The above results are not encouraging enough. However, if they are really not faring well and these companies do approachwww.fematta.com for advice and solutions it shows a growth potential anywhere between 200-1000% for these same start-up companies which might even be shutting down shortly.

With MindScope analysis and its unique abilities to provide the right answers and solutions to any complicated questions or doubts or problems raised by a business house, we can provide MindScope divine intervention resulting in Business Growth and Success.