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Seeking divine help through Best Astrologer in India

Varaha Mihira, a rare learned Astronomer, Mathematician, Astrologer, and Seer, who lived in 6th century AD has to his credit notable works like Pancha-Siddhaantikaa, Brihat-Samhita, Brihat Jataka etc., One of the important contributions of Varaha Mihira is the Brihat-Samhita, which is an encyclopedia of the highest order. It covers wide-ranging subjects of human interest, including Architecture, Astrology, Division of Globe, Domestic Relations, Eclipses, Gemstones, Growth of Crops, House Building, Matrimony, Omens, Pearls, Perfume Making, Planetary Movements, Price of Commodities, Rains and Clouds, Rituals, Temple Building, Temple Images, Thunderbolts, Winds, Worship of Stellar Deities etc.,

He sets certain qualifications for an Astrologer. He says that an Astrologer must have clean habits, able and noble minded, eloquent and of originality and imagination: must possess a knowledge of time and place, be meek without nervousness must be difficult to conquest by his fellow students; must be able and devoid of vices; must be learned in remedial matters, must be hygienic, having occult qualities, helping to come-out of magical spell and ablutions; a worshipper of Devas and an observer of fast and penance; must be of remarkable genius and capable of solving any difficulties in matters of direct divine interference; and finally he must be a learned person of Astronomy, Natural Astrology, and horoscopy. The seer goes on adding several such qualification and eligibility criteria to practice Astrology.

A person with silver hair, traditional costumes and attire, turmeric or Rudraksha mala around the neck and vermilion, sandal paste or holy ash on the forehead appearing on the Media every day morning or traveling from one hotel to another, all around the county can’t give any solution for any person. Such Astrologers cannot find time to do their daily prescribed routine.  They may also lack sanctity as such people cannot perform rituals by keeping on travelling all through the month and year. Remedies and Yantras are not something involving copy paste or copy, print and deliver. They need to be conceived with utmost dedication, concentration and using the prescribed materials. Such remedies alone would produce results or capable of solving serious problems of the clients.

The act of instant prediction on receiving the birth details etc., are not only farce and false but can also be misguiding an already troubled person. Intricate calculation of constellations cannot be made in seconds and opinions formed based on these methods are dangerous for application to life situation and one shall become a victim in this way.

There are, however, few Astrologers who use their wisdom to work with the seekers and the unseen divinity.

"MindScope" is one of the most unique guidance to mankind through which planetary afflictions, curses, doshas, black magic, etc., affecting an individual can be traced within a few minutes just by touching the photo of the native; without the aid of horoscope. It is heartening to note that he has solved hundreds of cases and thousands of complicated problems from across the world, just through the photo of the person. Of course, the touch of divinity makes the difference….. Many Corporate Business houses, Politicians, Ruling class individuals; Film Personalities etc., have fine-tuned their chosen line of activity and miraculously achieved a high rate of success. Many corporate houses have seen a turn-around and achieved high performing results even under adverse environment.

Dr. N Rajgopal’s MindScope is a brilliant piece of gift to accurately pinpoint the unknown problems, which works through his intuitive wisdom with the grace of the Himalayan Master Mahavatar Babaji. The solutions based on his detection of the root of the problems yields high results to anyone who approaches him without any barrier of high or low; big or small.

Every individual is unique having born at a chosen time when the celestial rays are in harmony with his individual Karma of unalterable Past and probable future results. He is the only person in India or elsewhere who does "MindScope readings" with the grace of SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji. In addition to these, he has a unique way of teaching Yoga and of treating patients with alternative medicines. Almost dropped out cases come to him with the last hope. Miraculously, they respond to his treatment and the patient is cured.  

It is heartening to note that he has solved hundreds of cases and thousands of complicated problems from across the world. Of course, the touch of divinity makes the difference….

Dr. N Rajgopal, an internationally renowned solution provider, is available to those who come to him with utmost Trust.  He can be reached at +91 9880062706 or 9902062706; Email: mindscopeonline@yahoo.co.in Website: www.babajisannidhan.com

The volume expounds on Gemstone evaluation criterion found in the Garuda Purana and elaborates on the sacred Nine Pearls from the same text. It contains 106 chapters and is known as the "great compilation".