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Starting a new Business

In starting a new business, the first thing one does is to go to an expert in Business Management or study a story of a successful turn-around Business or refer to some business models and pick-up some important points like being realistic, go away from those who talk discouragingly, drop those unwilling to buy your ideas, eliminate the ones who give a different focus, blindly wanting to be a “customer centric need” without understanding customers, expecting a realistic result under an unrealistic circumstances, preparing self a leader, make a scientific plan with the help of experts etc., no doubt that these things are fantastic base work one has to do for successful starting of business.

After starting the business, as per the doted guidelines of the management/business experts in the field, when there is a feeling that the initial results are not on the expected lines, one will do all sorts of management corrections. Later the person could also seek the services of another Management or Business experts to hear from the new advisor, find reasons that there was lack of focus, absence of motivation, commitment and passion; there was too much pride which resulted in failure to see or listen; availing of wrong experts’ advice; wrong mentorship, lack of domain knowledge on the intended business; weak finance, operations, and marketing ideas, greed to make quick money in short time etc.,

There will be no end to fault finding and retuning, with a cautious notice that much damage has already been done, it is too late, the market for the product is on a fall etc.,

But one has to understand that, belief or no belief; every individual is governed by the law of divinity. While the law of divinity is unknown, still divinity prop-ups certain hints for each one of us. The hints are generally available in the Horoscope of the native. Those who are experts in mathematics and interpretations of horoscope can de-code and help the native, to know not only their strengths and weaknesses, but also such experts can guide and bring them out from the bad situations to a reasonable growth.

There are other set of a few persons filled with divine wisdom who know that every individual is unique in this Universe having born at a chosen time, when the celestial rays are in harmony with his / her individual Karma of unalterable past and probable future results. And therefore, such cases cannot be interpreted by a mere computer or so called experts in Astrology or other Sciences. Such persons precisely detect the planetary and other afflictions, deficiency or doshas of the concerned persons with just a touch of the photo of the person and also provide suitable solutions. Those who detect the root cause of the problems alone unknot the inherent complications and provide Solutions for better life journey through starting new Business. 

Dr. N Rajgopal has divine grace, guidance and gift from his Himalayan Master SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji. Dr. N Rajgopal’s specific Remedies have solved several deep rooted problems and changed the lives of many businesses and men of not only from the elite and ruling class but also the common man from all walks of life. Dr. N Rajgopal’s specifically conceived MindScope guided Kavacha’s have helped several business houses from near collapse and to a successful business name in the market.

Therefore, in addition to following the monotonous management mantras such as ‘Seven steps to Success’ or ‘How to become a successful businessman’ etc., an important step of approaching Dr. N Rajgopal at www.fematta.com would avoid many slips and show the way for many steps up the way.