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Ten Successful Business Mantras

Ten Successful Business Mantras

  1.   Be realistic. Do not dream and lose the focus.

     Focussing on realistic business is a must. Journey based on past data will alone not guide the business. Future environment will alter the plans. Be realistic about this fact and fine-tune the plan.

        2.Change those who are unwilling to change.

     There are movers and blockers in the in the system. The movers are the ones who are willing to adapt change which leads to success. The blockers seek excuse and ring the bell of caution for every new effort. Such people are to be identified and kept outside the system to avoid business hurdles.

        3. Change those who do not follow the accepted plan.

These are people who play politics in the organization. They will give a big yes for every plan proposed. But they will not fulfill them. Such people are a burden on the organisation. Sooner they are removed the better for theorganisation.

        4. Eliminate the wrong person from the scene.

There are always wrong persons in the system. The Mantra is identifying and elimination then before it is too late. Failure to do this is like allowing a growing termite inside the household.

         5. Focus on whatever you do.

A good business leader’s quality is focus. Sharpen your focus on all critical issues, however big or small it is. This habit will alert the entire system and improve the efficiency and efficacy of the organization.

         6. Give what customers need; they may not like what you offer.

As a Business leader you must know the pulse of the customers, their taste, their likeness, their time line and their affordability. You cannot force your product on them, as this will only land your product very soon in the quarantine area of the customer. If this happens, your own product could work against you. Unless your products and services fulfill one hundred per cent requirements, needs, aspirations and time-line of the customers, you have not made an impact on the customer.

         7. Involve fully and realise the result.

Decisions makers must involve non-decision makers in all critical activities. This gives a chance for the decisions makers to hear the realistic views of things happening around. This culture, if percolated to the whole organization, then realization of results could become a way of life.

          8. If you can’t lead then follow.

Business leaders must lead from the front. Whether it is strict competition or innovation of a product, it is the leadership that must own the responsibility. In a running business, the roll of business head is not only in running the company attending to day-to-day affairs, but he or she must set goals for creating strong leadership lineages cutting apart ancestry and hierarchy. Once the leader finds his or her limitations wearing out, he or she must allow others to lead.

           9. Study Business environment realistically and plan accordingly.

A good planning team would focus on latest, reliable and accurate data collection with the changing environment around the business. The team shall input meaningful error-free resources for preparing a workable business plan that can be executed for realising the expected results.

           10. Do not expect the plan to work. You will have to work with the plan.

A good plan would remain in the files and folders unless it is effectively put to use. In order to make a plan work for you, prepare the plan realistically those can be achieved. Keep in mind that plans have short life and are bound to change frequently for obvious reasons. Your focus must be to draw a realistic perfect plan that works. Therefore, you have to work with the plan and not expect plans to work for you.