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Child health is part of the parents responsibility. Age old tradition cannot be forgotten, in the wind of Modern Advancement of Medicine.


Many people come to my Clinic on Sundays with small children for treatment. These children are already diagnosed by several medical experts of having multiple multiple sclerosis, cystic leukoencephalopathy, paralysis, fifth disease, global developmental delay,  apraxia of speech, mental illness or psychiatric disorder, Sickle cell anaemia, Meningitis, other birth defects etc. In spite of advancement in medical fields, there are several cases where no answer is seen for cure. Many sad parents shed tears with these children and say we have visited many hospitals, met several doctors; only to hear that there seems to be no cure for this disease. But fortunately, except for some cases which come too late, by the grace of God,  Dr. N Rajagopal, who is also one of the Best Astrologers in India,  has been remarkably able to give solutions combining holistic treatment, homoeopathy and MindScope Astrology remedies, all guided by the divinity Mahavatar Babaji. 

Though, many ignorant but arrogant experts in many fields talk ill of Astrology as a fashion of showing that they are part of a technologically advanced society. For Dr. N Rajagopal, though he too I part the same technologically advanced society, it is these divine sciences which have brought many sick children and adults from death to re-life, from the so called incurable diseases.

These recovered patients are the living examples to prove that amidst so-called advancement in science and technology, the age old Astrology and holistic treatments come to rescue by presenting a re-life against a hopeless situation created by the same society.

Our birth and death is already written by the God. But how we live in between is the question. Do we enjoy something well or suffer till the end, carrying these incurable diseases in the body and mind would be a specific question.

In the name of advancement, many parents do not teach anything about the positive sides of the divine science called Astrology to their children. Blindly they make the birth chart called Jataka or Horoscope or Kundli and keep it wrapped in a yellow coloured cloth bag, only to be removed for review at the time of marriage or in some rare cases when the child has serious health problems. When a child does not show interest in studies, parents try to bribe the school staff and get passed. When the child is misbehaving with all, the parents try to hide the facts and some cases they argue in favour of the child. Similarly, when a child is involved in some trivial crime, parents are willing to mask the issue with the use on money or muscles.

The responsible parents could better study the horoscope through an expert astrologers or the best astrologer in India Dr. N Rajgopal. This could pave the way for rectifying the future of the child. The parents allow the society we live and the kind of surrounding we have to make an impact on their decision making process. In fact, some sarcastic remark passing relatives, friends, surrounding are the main culprits in hindering the very future of several children. Unless, the parents are aware and keep away from these people and create awareness around them about the divinity, divine science astrology, the teachings of our time tested age old system and tradition, more damage can be done to the young buds, buy their own parents. One must understand that all those experienced by the self cannot be proved in a lab. Similarly all those proved through advanced science cannot be experienced by many.

Now, let us understand what the divine Science Astrology talks about short life of children under the category Baalaarishta. When a horoscope indicates that a child is having longevity of less than twelve years, death or death-like difficulties could be experienced by the native during the age of up to 12 years. The various difficulties felt by children till the age of 12 are as follows: A sinful deed of the mother in her past life could be the cause for the difficulties of child till the age of 4, and those of father till 8 years. The remaining four years; that is from the age of 8 to 12, the child experiences the result of its own actions in the past life. Baalaarishta need not be necessarily death. Even ill-health or miseries are Baalaarishta. Now let us understand some planetary combination to indicate the presence of Baalaarishta.


  1. Birth of the child happening at the time of a Solar or Lunar eclipse and Ascendant or Lagna is aspected by Saturn and Mars, the child could die within a fortnight.
  2. Birth of the child happening at the time of Sunrise or Sunset in Moon’s Hora or Gandantha, with the Moon and malefics.

For example, as per classical text Phaladeepika 13.9: if a birth of a child happens at the extreme end of a Rashi which is occupied or aspected by a malefic planet, certainly the child may not survive.

Similarly, if the birth of a child happens at a Gandanta, then the mother, father or the child itself could die. 

Also if the child survives, he or she could even become king, queen or a ruler.

There is also another note saying that if the birth happens at the junction of any of the four quadrants identical with the conjunction of or aspect by a malefic, the death of the child could happen very soon.

  1. For Cancer or Scorpio lagna born children, when all malefic planets occupy houses from ten to four and all positive planets are placed in the houses four to ten, the child could experience a death like situation or suffering.
  2. Mars, Saturn and Sun are placed together in the 8th house it could cause death.
  3. Moon in a Gandantha associated or aspected by malefic planet.
  4. Moon is in Lagna / Ascendant and malefic planets are in the seventh house, could cause early death of the child.
  5. Moon in Lagna / Ascendant, Saturn in 12th, Sun in the 9th, Mars in the 8th and weak Jupiter causes death soon after birth of the child.
  6. Occupation of Moon in the 6th, 8th or the 12th house are aspected by malefic planets, the child could die soon after birth.
  7. If the Moon and all malefic planets are placed in quadrants.
  8. Weak Moon in Lagna / Ascendant and all malefic planets are placed in quadrants and in 8th house.
  9. When Lagna / Ascendant and Moon do not have benefic planets’ aspect and at the same time the lagna and Moon are surrounded by malefic Planets, the child may not survive.
  10. When benefic planet is retro and occupy 6th 8th or 12th house with the aspect of by malefic planet, similar results can be experienced

The seers and several classical texts also tell us that dreaded Baalaarishta effect is dispelled when a strong Jupiter is placed in Lagna / Ascendant.

Another main condition is that for Baalaarishta to be experienced fully, the Lagna / Ascendant, or the Lagna lord / the Ascendant Lord and Moon must be afflicted.

Of course the planetary positions are a little confusion to many parents who may not have any knowledge on Astrology. But the best astrologer in India Dr. N Rajgopal has the unique MindScope method, through which he is able to find out the presence or otherwise of not only the feared and dreaded Baalaarishta effect but also would see through the divine third eye many other affliction and provide suitable solution thereby saving the child from the clutches of death.

General public must bear in mind that they are witness to Prime Minister, President, Military high Officers, Governors, Judges, Civil Service officers, Ministers, Politicians, foreign dignitaries etc., consulting Astrologers, Sadhus, Sannyasis, Mystics,  now and then to have an in depth knowledge on their future and correct the afflictions. Therefore, public must not become victim by keeping away from the guidance available from the divine gifted to us by our forefathers, listening to some funny radical groups. Remember, your life is in your hands. The future of your children’s’ life is also in your hands.